21 Games for The Mind that Won’t Shut the @#&* Up!

Man muß noch Chaos in sich haben, um einen tanzenden Stern gebären zu können
(Man must have some chaos within, in order to give birth to a dancing star!)
Also sprach Zarathustra!

—Friedrich Nietzsche

From the Bible to The Secret.  From Emerson to Eckhart Tolle.  From churches to 12-Step to psychiatric couches.  Offers of relief from a mind at war with itself abound in every language and in every medium. From Seagram’s to CNN, Playboy to plastic surgery, the 4AM infomercial to anywhere-but-here. Are you tired of racing from one magic bullet to the next?

Are you worn out from fear?  Have you beaten yourself up with disappointment and self-rejection?  Have religious devotion and medical diagnoses failed to find a cure for you?  Are you ready to give up on any possibility of living a “normal” life, much less a happy, creative and prosperous life?

 21 Games for the Mind That Won’t Shut the $%&* Up! offers Zen-simple and remarkably effective tools for refreshing your tired and over-worked mind.  In this book, you will find the relief you seek from worry, sorrow and self-abandon.  These quick and easy games offer you an effective way to re-friend your mind and yourself through play.

·Come Home! – Reclaiming your space

·Pick a Color…Any Color – The mind’s best screensaver

·Says Who? – Detecting BS and breaking its hold on you

·New Thot Box – Treasuring your own ideas

·I Get To… – Opening the prison door

·Use Your Drugs – Making every toke count

·And 15 more…


21 Games for the Mind That Won’t Shut the $%&* Up! was originally compiled as a bedside reference for author A.T. Lynne’s own reunification of her mind with herself. Then, friends began playing the games and more and more people requested copies.Tested over the last five years from Florida to California, the universal appeal of 21Games for the Mind That Won’t Shut the $%&* Up! became apparent.

Thanks to playing A.T. Lynne’s games, a Star Wars CGI Director, an 80-year-old sculler, a San Quentin ex-con, and a growing number of world-wearied, life-exhausted and self-alienated people are waking up to a peace and self-acceptance beyond their wildest dreams.

Restore the natural balance with that touch of creative chaos within yourself and you, too, will give birth to a dancing star.

Award-winning Writer, Screenwriter, Master Hypnotist, Educator and Radio Personality, A.T. Lynne develops, teaches and plays games.