Game #2


Pick A Color… Any Color

The mind should be allowed some relaxation, that it may re­turn to its work all the better for the rest. —Seneca (4BC-65AD) Roman philosopher

Driving home from work, do you ever torment yourself with the same problem you were facing at your desk? Does worry occupy you even when you’re out for a run? Is your mind still fixated on fears when you’re on your long-awaited vacation?

Very often, this mind that’s driving you mad simply needs a distraction, a screensaver while the hard drive is still running. Like a fitful child, all your mind asks is to be amused with a simple game when you are driving or doing some other famil­iar task that doesn’t allow you to shut your eyes and play the COME HOME! Game.

The PICK A COLOR…ANY COLOR Game is especially effective for stilling a spinning mind when you are physically moving in the world — in a car, on a bus, walking through an airport terminal or across town.