Game #7


New Thot Box

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

—Albert Einstein (1879–1955) Theoretical physicist/philosopher

While playing the SAYS WHO? Game, do you find you’re listening more closely to what other people are saying?

And after playing the MASTER HYPNOTIST Game, are you more convinced, and a little excited, about the power of your own words to influence yourself?

Playing the NEW THOT BOX Game, you will combine the insights you’re gathering from those games and launch your imagination in brand new directions. However, before we play, let’s look at exactly what thoughts and words are.

First, consider that every time a person speaks, it is with the intention to influence. This includes the times when there’s no one in the room but you. You are always thinking or speak­ing with the desire to influence those within earshot.

Yet, how often do you hear truly new ideas? In contrast, how often are people wanting to influence you by repeating decades’-old opinions or yesterday’s news? How often do you get a for­warded email claiming that it’s hot-off-the-press when it’s actually been cycling around the Internet since the turn of the century?

Of course, to consider the seasoned thoughts of others and to share stimulating ideas are joyous and generous activities. Yet, a person spouting ideas that aren’t new, at least to him­self, is simply a redundant echo of more imaginative people. If you aspire to being a significant and constructive influence in your own and others’ lives, it’s essential to become aware of and value your own thoughts.

A word about the NEW THOT BOX Game: This is not a game of comparison with the thoughts of others. It does not require high-jumping or a PhD. Set the bar on the floor. As with all the games in this collection, this is a game of non-compet­itive self-discovery.