Game #9


Use Your Drugs

Happy the man who condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth. —King James Bible, Romans 14:22

Got a drug “problem”?

Does just reading that question make you want to light up, eat a bon bon, take a swig? Well, I tell you what… be my guest. I’ll wait right here. You go on and satisfy that urge. The USE YOUR DRUGS Game is all about getting the most out of whatever drug, habit, addiction or behavior you’ve used, up until now, to get this far in life.

And, I mean that in a good way.

Back now? Feeling better? Good.

Now let’s play the USE YOUR DRUGS Game. This game is played a bit differently than the previous games. You’re in­vited to consider ideas that might either be new to you or that might confirm what you already know. In any case, there’s plenty of time to take breaks and use your drugs while you play along.

We’ll start with a review. This could be especially valuable to those who are up that river, you know, the one called De Nile.

addict [L. addictus, pp. of addicere to favor, fr. ad- + dicere to say — more at DICTION] (1534) 1 : to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively 2 : to cause addiction to a substance.

Now, before we get into actually playing the USE YOUR DRUGS Game, let’s even the playing field. Everyone engages in addictive behavior in some way at some time. This, there­fore, makes all assertions that “addicts” are a separate popula­tion moot. So, don’t endure any BS that says you are unique in your depravity or social disgrace. Absolutely no one is exempt, although some of us are just a tad more clever at hiding it.

Considering the infinite variety of substances and behav­iors to which people obsessively surrender themselves, would it surprise you to learn that every addiction satisfies its user in exactly the same way? Yes, it’s true.

Every addict uses his or her drug for relief from the stress­ful emotions arising from self-inflicted, erroneous trances about what they believe, think or know or perceive them­selves to be.