NEW BODY — Hypnotic Suggestion

Be Cause I AM God’s Beloved Child, I AM made anew and in God’s image every day.  Every night when I lie down to sleep, I relax this body I have been given, for this day, and I thank her.

I express gratitude and appreciation for my body’s trillions of cells who traveled with me through this day.  Many of them will be gone by morning, replaced with brand new vital and healthy cells.  The only reason on earth for these cells to exist is to be me for another glorious day.  As I become more and more relaxed and more and more attuned to this fabulous and amazing body of mine, I can actually feel new cells forming, brand new, healthy and vital cells forming throughout my body.  And, whether or not I can feel these cells being born in me, I can know that they are forming every minute of my life.  Brand new cells forming in my body to make my body ever new, healthy and vital.

What on earth makes these cells desire to be me?  Why do they choose to live in me and as me and with me for their entire earthly life?  I may never know these answers.  And yet, I can feel tremendous gratitude for the fact that they are here and they live vital and healthy lives as me, and then pass away to make room for more vital and healthy cells to live as me.

Contemplating this gift of my body and its trillions of cells, I relax now even more with three deep and comforting breaths.  I breathe in appreciation for my body and I breathe out relaxation, releasing all limiting thoughts about my body or any other aspects of myself.  After each out breath, I say “thank you, Body,” and I relax even deeper into ease and peace.

While I continue to relax my whole body, the autonomic muscles in my heart, my lungs, my digestion and all other essential systems continue to function perfectly.  As I breathe out the third breath, I release any remaining tension from my skeletal muscles and allow my body to go completely loose and limp, just like a rag doll.

All night long, I remain in this state of complete relaxation while my body restores and repairs every part of me.  All night long, I rest in deep peace and gratitude, filled with faith in God and my body’s wisdom.  My body knows how to restore me to health and how to keep me well.  Throughout the night, I remain contented and pleasantly relaxed.

In the morning, I wake in joy to my new and restored body.  She is here to carry me lovingly through this day.  I feel her devotion and her love flowing through me.  I feel the presence of youthfulness and of brand new life – healthy, vital, and youthful life – flowing through me now.  I feel  eager to move and eager to leap into this day.  Throughout my day, my body – this amazing collection of trillions of cells, serves me magnificently.  I acknowledge this gift of a body and this gift of Life by saying “thank you Body,” frequently every day.

All of these thoughts come to me whenever I think the words, “New Body.”  In my self-hypnosis, after I relax myself into a light or medium trance, I simply think the words, “New Body,” and I feel all of these good feelings and live in the truth of what is written here.