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I am thrilled to have this means by which to offer friends and not-yet friends the games which continue to liberate and illuminate my life.  Enough of you have shown an interest in exploring these playful games for your own enhanced delight that I am going forward with publishing them.

It is a simple and oft-said premise which guides all I write:  We are the authors of our own experience.  What makes my approach different from many is the recognition that you must embrace yourself, first, in order to author that desired life.  To attempt to act on behalf of someone — yourself – whom you dislike, disrespect, or consider unforgivable is to move against yourself at every turn.

Yet, under the still-prevalent influence of Puritanical ethics and restrictive mores, overt appreciation for oneself is not encouraged in our culture.  The most flamboyant, wealthy and powerful among us rarely dare to celebrate themselves as lovable and valuable.  Nevertheless, even if you keep this celebration in the secrecy of your own dear heart, it is essential to achieving and enjoying the fulfillment of your desires, and to knowing the unparelleled richness of a happy life.

To that end, I invite you read the Catalogue Copy for 21 Games for The Mind that Won’t Shut the @#&* Up!

The book will go on sale, nationwide, July 15, 2010. Pre-publication orders can be placed at this site after May 15, 2010.

Thank you again for visting my website.  May your adventures here add to the happy union between you and your own magnificent mind.